865 陳信瑋


台中市人,畢業於長榮大學美術系。專注於影像製作,而大部分的作品探討記憶與資訊變遷之間的關係,時間及運算邏輯的絕對性。理性的去處理作品的畫面及手段,但在時間的線性流逝所造成的記憶斷層上卻是十分感性的,絕對的契合是作品創作的指標之一。參與過重要的展覽包含:中之条雙年展(2021,2019),波蘭波茲南調解雙年展(2020) ,德國漢諾威浮士德美術館Pavilion O2 (2020),合成媒體藝術節(2019)

He was born in Taichung, Taiwan. He graduated from the Fine Art Department of Chang Jung Christian University. He works at Wei Zhuan Studio as a photographer. Focusing on image as a method for art creation. Most of the work explores the relationship between memory and advances in information technology. Being rational on dealing with images and means of the work, but remain emotional on the memory fault cause by the linear passage of the time. Finding the “Absolute fit” for both sides is the creative indication of his very own. His important shows include Nakanojo Biennale, (2021,2019); Mediation Biennale, (2020); Hanover Pavilion O2, (2020); Synthetic Mediart, (2019).


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