854 陳傑強



2008- 2013 國立台灣藝術大學 美術學系研究所 碩士


2019 迴盪」,一票人票畫空間,台北 2017 呼吸The Art Club ,台灣

2016 「漂流的夢境」,Galeri x-ist,土耳其

2016 「盒中劇場」,Art Central,Affinity for ART,香港

2016 新加坡藝術博覽會2016,富葰藝術 中心,新加坡

2014 「游牧—陳傑強個展」,富葰藝術中心, 澳門


2008-2013 National Taiwan University Of Art (MFA)

Solo Exhibition

2019 Reverberate」,PiaoPiao & art space,Taipei

2017 BreathThe Art Club ,Taipei

2016 「Floating Dreams」,Galeri x-ist,İSTANBUL

2016 「Theatre of the Contained」, Art Central, Affinity for ART, HK

2016 Art Stage Singapore 2016, Flugent ART Gallery, Singapore

2014 「Nomads– Solo Exhibition of Kent Keong Tan」, Flugent ART Gallery, Macau



Tan Kent-keong’s “Toys” series it starts with the accumulation of signs in the life experiences, and exams some particular object or image that appears in the memory repeatedly. Take toy for example, the author returned to the childhood experiences to have a second thought of the symbolization for the traces remaining on the toys, and transform the original meaning of the sign to his own art language.Consciousness would be like fall into a swirl of disappearance but can be seeing repeatedly when imaginary spaces expanded unlimitedly.When facing those memories that can be seen but cannot return, the author creates “An elapsing phenomenon of peace land” by the speed of painting, the flash of emotional calling and the decrease of saturation.


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