839 亞米藝術


生於1971年的敦克爾克(Dunkerque)。她的創作是藉由生活微小事物與片刻獲得靈感,延伸童年時的想像力,貼近生活,童趣十足,常使人會心一笑 ; 造型上,多以圓胖軀體為主,比例上粗厚的雙腳,看來平穩踏實,與土地緊密聯繫。 其塑像角色,有若童話一般,人與動物互相緊靠,溫柔擁抱,彼此珍惜,在她的作品中,動物或為人的性格隱喻,例如,抱著貓的女孩有著一雙細長的眼,抱著青蛙的男孩則張著一雙圓眼 ; 透過陶塑將日常的微小片刻留下,讓人物不分年紀,都有如孩子般的心境。

Anne-Sophie Gilloen was born in Dunkerque in 1971. Her works are close to life with the fun of childhood. Her ideas come from the little thing and the moment in life with childhood imagination. These ideas do sometimes put smiles on people’s faces. The appearances of works are mostly chubby body and thick feet that portrays human connection to earth. These sculptures look like fairy tales. The characters and animals joined together shows their good relationship with each other. In her works of art, they describe the characteristic of animals or humans, such as a girl with phoenix eyes hugging a cat or a boy with open big eyes holding a frog. Anne-Sophie Gilloen keeps the tiny moment daily by ceramic sculptures with childlike mood.



川貝母,本名潘昀珈,出生於1983年。於國中時期在圖書館看到波隆那年鑑而開始喜歡插畫,2005年入選義大利波隆納插畫展後開始插畫職業生活,是台灣首位受邀登上《紐約時報》及《華盛頓郵報》的知名插畫家及小說家。 川貝母喜歡以隱喻的方式創作圖像,其作品詩意的造形與裝飾性,創作出獨具特色且充滿奇幻趣味的視覺藝術,讓人看到幽默且熟悉的童趣,也能從中看見臺灣在地文化能量的精采。

Inca Pan was born in Taiwan in 1983 and keen on illustrating when he saw Bologna Illustrators in junior high school. He started his illustrator career after being selected on Bologna Illustrators Exhibition in 2005. He is also the first famous illustrator and novelist in Taiwan to be invited to publish on The New York Times and The Washington Post. Inch Pan likes to create images by metaphor. His works are portrayed with poetic and decorative style. This creates unique and fantastic visual arts that are very humorous and familiar. These works are inspired from Taiwanese culture.


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