837 十方藝術空間

Manolo Gonzalez


Born in Spain, Manolo has been immersed in the influences of a family of artists since he was a child. In his youth, he has created a unique style in contemporary arts and now, his signatures in creations are easily identified in many museums and public projects. Combining classical aethestic with the power and simplicity, Manolo uses stainless steel wires to chisel and draw the "net" --- as “net” has been an important hunting tool for mankind since ancient times --- in the interlacing of chiseling, knitting, and overlapping.







ATI is a strange man who suspects his head has been broken down and reassembled by alien cultures and thrown back to earth. Since his 2014 solo show “Spicy Panna Cotta Love”, he has been creating hoards of comical, lovable, healing cartoon characters, super heroes with no purpose, and unrestrained and uncultivated deception monsters. His paintings are brimming with symbolism, luring the viewer into his unique game of riddles.

In his 2015 solo show “Space Wasabi”, ATI again brought these monstrous characters into his nonsensical narratives, with an added blend of social critique and colorful fables. With a surprise bang of energy, reminiscent of Sh u ji Terayama’s tale of a boxing match, a song of the Blues charged with blood and sweat suddenly turns into a pink bubblegum fight between cute girls. AS you stroll through the exhibition space, you slowly enter the artist’s imaginative universe.

ATI’s work reflects 80’s kids in Taiwan, influenced by television, computer games and cinema, as well as the dual thought processes of Taiwanese culture and foreign influences, which brought about a possibility of artistic mutation that does not necessarily have any nutritious values.



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