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我的作品有人物及花卉兩大主题。因花卉具有陰柔的女性特質,它是殖物的生殖器官並具有嬌美的外觀,我作品中的花亦是女性的象徵。在我的作品中有高浮雕的效果, 作品的底部利用刺繡線,毛線等不同的線材组成流動的線條效果,表現人物與花卉的明暗結構關係。上方的透明絲帶線形成了物體的外在屏障 ,透明緞帶線使畫面中的主體在可見與不可見之間遮蔽及顯現 ,這種虛實顯隱的畫面效果有一種特殊的神祕感。隱喻表現當代女性的社會關係,現實世界中人們的空間距離是接近的 ,但是大部分的人們沉溺於虛擬的世界中, 進而與清晰的現實生活產生了巨大的隔閡。這種在可見與不可見中虛實掩映的存在方式正是我想表現的一種當代女性的生活方式。


Wu Liyu was born in 1968. She graduated from the Western Painting Group of the Fine Arts Department of Cultural University in 1990, graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Taiwan Normal University in 2004 with a Master's Degree. And in 2014, she graduated with a Ph.D. in Art Creation and Theoretical Research from China Academy of Fine Art, Hangzhou, China. She has also been a lecturer at Xuanzang University.

Her exhibition history includes ten solo exhibitions and more than fifty joint exhibitions held in art galleries and galleries in France, Canada, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, the Mainland, USA, and other regions. Also, she has won various awards in France, South Korea, Taiwan, and other regions.

Creative idea

My work has two themes: characters and flowers. Because flowers are feminine, they are the reproductive organs of colonies and have a delicate appearance. The flowers in my works are also a symbol of womanhood. There is a high-relief effect in my work. The surface of my work uses different threads such as embroidery thread and wool to form a flowing line effect. These patterns of lines work to express the light and dark structural relationship between characters and flowers. The transparent ribbon line above the forms creates the external barrier of the object. The transparent ribbon line makes the subject in the picture conceal and appear between the visible and the invisible. This effect of virtual reality reveals and hides the picture creating a special sense of mystery. These metaphors in my works express the social relations of contemporary women. People are confined in a closed-in space in the real world, but people indulge in the virtual world, which creates a huge gap with the clear real life. This way of existence that hides the reality from the visible and the invisible is exactly the way of life for contemporary women and is what that I strive to express.


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