The First
Virtual-at-Reality NFT Expo
Oracle Oasis

24-26 DEC 2021

OneOffs NFT International Art Fair will be brought to you by OneOffs in 2021/12/24 ~ 2021/12/26 at W Taipei. Aiming at promoting local Taiwanese artists, we will set our base in Asia and stretch our arms through Southeast Asia to the world. Following the ever evolving techniques of blockchain getting decentralized, open and transparent, NFT is definitely one of the most revolutionary way of transaction in the 21st century which brings changes to the existing art industry.

OneOffs NFT International Art Fair will be held simultaneously at our 3D virtual exhibition hall - Oracle Oasis. You can either visit us at W Hotel or escape reality and visit us at Oracle Oasis. We aim to provide you an immersive experience in the amazing Metavesre.

One-Stop Service Platform & Art Database

OneOffs NFT platform is here to provide One-stop NFT service for artists and galleries. Our scope of services including project launch, creating NFT, management, marketing, media communication, strategic collaboration, sales, exhibition, and second-hand market. We aim at being the most comprehensive sales platform and data centre you can find. ONEOFFS is collaborating with Lootex - The one and only

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Our Concept

Post-Pandemic Era

During the Post- Pandemic Era, OneOffs NFT International Art Fair believe it is important to invite all galleries and artists to gather around. We will provide the best space for all parties to discuss, encourage and inspire each other to promote art collecting. We shall work together to welcome the new world of digital art and push curation, sales and collection to the Metaverse.

Beyond Your Imagination - Pluralistic & Prescient

W Taipei x Christmas

Art x Charity

We will bring to you a contemporary art week , we wish to gather people from different industries including art, technology, blockchain, academics and cultural resources to maximize the margin of this expo and raise new groups of collectors. We expects to have 20,000 pax at the the expo generating sales of NT100million during the OneOffs NFT International Art Fair.

OneOffs NFT International Art Fair is with high standard. Galleries are expected to present comprehensive curating plan and artist’s idea. We will look for talented contemporary artists and put together high quality arts to present an exhibition with surprise and depth. We also provide diverse and forward-looking consultant service. We want to is to give you an excellent hotel expo experience to break the stereotype that arts are only shown in museums or exhibitions. We are on the path to become Asia’s most diversified, most trendy contemporary NFT expo.

We will partner with Greenbox social welfare association and will be donating 1% of NFT sales to the organization. The donating will be used for daily necessities and warn Christmas gifts for the babies.

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